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OMG! Teen Titans Tower

For Third-Person RPing

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This is the third-person roleplay community for omg_teentitans.
All members may feel free to post here whenever they feel like roleplaying! Remember to keep it in third-person! Not all posts have to take place in the Tower, they can take place out on the streets, in the mall, wherever. If you RP one-on-one with someone on AIM, the RP logs can also be posted here. (But make sure only one person posts it! We don't need the same RP posted twice.)

All posts should have the subject like this: [Scene: blah][Time: blah AM or PM]
The scenes can be in general, like... "The Tower", "The City", or they can be more specific, such as "Raven's Room", "Pizza Place". The time can be in general, such as just having "4 PM" or it can be more specific like "10:47 AM" Also, it doesn't have to be the actual time you're posting at, it can be whatever time you want.

omgtt_mod or i_see_you_raven (Nagi-kun - Only Cop o.O;)

Note: Dai-chan pro_digious and Hitomi bigarserock were the original creators and mods of this community, so all of this is thanks to them. ^^